365 Questions for a Woman's Soul

365 Questions for a Woman's Soul
What’s the best way to handle regret or disappointment?
How can I view life as an adventure rather than a burden to bear?
Where can I find the energy to live each day to the fullest?

Life can feel like an endless frenzy of unanswered questions. But take heart: God’s Word provides you with all the answers you need to live a purpose-filled, satisfying life. In this handy devotional, you’ll find 365 pressing questions that often linger in a woman’s heart. Each question is addressed with Scripture and devotional thoughts, along with prayer prompts that invite you to engage your heart as you ponder God’s will for your life.
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Why do so many people have to suffer? Why doesn’t my spouse love me? Why can’t I get a job? Why can’t we all just get along? Why doesn’t God seem to care what happens to me? It is human nature to have a multitude of questions swirling around in your mind. Sometimes you wonder if asking these questions about God, the Bible, and our world show signs of unbelief or doubt. Or maybe you wonder if there is any point in asking questions of God at all.

365 Questions for a Woman’s Soul asks the deep questions for which our souls long for answers. Some of these questions can be clearly answered from the pages of Scripture. Other questions do not have tidy answers, but by wrestling with them in relationship with God’s Word, we can gain perspective, wisdom, and a better understanding of who God is and why he allows events to unfold as they do.
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