Challenge of Change

Challenge of Change

O. U. “Oz” Mutz is an Indiana University graduate and a merchant banker with a lifetime of experience in business. He is also a pilot, horse breeder, husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. He lives in Lakeland, Florida.

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Are You Ready to Embrace the Challenge of Change?

In his seventy-five business-years, author Oz Mutz has seen a lot of change. From the development of atomic energy to the moon landing to a lifetime of enriching family events. Each has brought with it the challenge of change and left the world a different place.

Oz documents what can happen when a person embraces the challenges that change brings and uses them to positively influence the generation that follows.  As “the wizdom of Oz” says, the future belongs to the next generation, not the current one, and our responsibility is to help them make decisions that are “informed, intentional, and purposeful.”

If you desire to leave an influential inheritance for the upcoming generation, Challenge of Change will help show you how to work with dauntless energy to achieve that goal.
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