Church Clothes

Church Clothes
MATTHEW L. STEVENSON III is a polished and respected voice for this time, full of wisdom and the heart of God. A powerful governmental prophet and cutting-edge leader, he is the senior pastor of All Nations Worship Assembly in Chicago and holds three earned academic degrees in the areas of leadership, education, and ministry. Known for his provocative preaching and unprecedented revelation, Stevenson presides over sixty ministries through the All Nations Network, a family of churches and ministries around the world that look to him for supervision, oversight, and apostolic leadership. He is the husband of Kamilah Stevenson and the father of three.
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“I see you over there worshiping but, you know, you’re going to have to get that piercing out of your eyebrow.” —CHURCHGOER

The Bible says God looks at the heart (1 Sam. 16:7) and we are called to do the same. But there are still Christians who look at the piercings, clothes, and tattoos of people before even looking at their hearts. Not only do their relationships suffer, but their churches do too, as attendance declines and a culture of appearance-based morality creeps in.

Apostle Matthew L. Stevenson III exposes the traditions that root us in religiosity and prevent us from spreading the good news. Learn how to:
  • Avoid judging others based on their appearances
  • Extend the grace God has so richly extended to us
  • Recognize the difference between judgment and discernment
  • Demonstrate the Gospel in a way that draws others to Jesus
Known for reaching people from all walks of life, Stevenson dives into the Word of God and unpacks what it really means to be holy.
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Páginas 128
Autor Stevenson III, Matthew L.
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Fecha edición 2019-05-28
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