Longing for a deeper sexual connection with your husband?
You may feel obliged to please your husband in bed, but neglect your own pleasure. Noted sex therapists Joyce and Clifford Penner warn that this will result in sexual dissatisfaction for both husband and wife-and a marriagethat falls short of the glorious gift God intended.

In this life-changing book, the Penners help women get in touch with their God-given sexuality, allowing them full freedom to enjoy it. Drawing on the Penners’ decades of experience as therapists and real-life examples they share, this book will show you how to
  • recognize physical and emotional benefits of sexual pleasure
  • listen to your body
  • affirm and express your sexual desires
  • overcome sexual difficulties
  • have fun in bed with your hus-band!
You too can Enjoy! sexual pleasure in your marriage. Begin today!
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Do you want a stronger, more exciting sex life with your husband? As a married woman, you have the power to increase sexual fulfillment for you and your husband-if you aren’t stymied by false assumptions about a wife’s role in sex.

In Enjoy: The Gift of Sexual Pleasure for Women, Dr. Clifford and Joyce Penner dispel assumptions that can keep women from accepting and expressing their God-given sexuality in marriage. After more than forty years as sex therapists and educators, the Penners have learned what helps couples build lasting, mutually enjoyable sex in marriage. Their knowledge is culled from the stories of thousands of individuals and couples who sought help with frustrations and have found relief and mutual fulfillment.

In this book they share step-by-step, practical ways for wives to move from duty and disappointment to pleasure and fulfillment. Learn how the woman’s biblical role for sex in marriage is to pursue all of who she is sexually and share her sexuality with her husband, which will, in turn, increase his satisfaction.

Be empowered as a woman to embrace your sexuality and find deeper enjoyment with your husband. This title is a companion to The Married Guy’s Guide to Great Sex, also by the Penners.
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