From the Occult to Christ

From the Occult to Christ
Pam Shell is a passionate born-again Spirit-filled Christian. Even since her encounter with Jesus Christ 22 years ago, she has been serving Him faithfully as His mouth, hands, and feet. The younger generations refer to her as Gram Pam, because they consider her a mentor and friend. Pam is a retired hospice nurse and lives with her husband, Gary, in Missouri. They have two sons, four grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.
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We are living in the end times, and the greatest harvest known to man is fast approaching. The New Age Movement is infiltrating the American church at an alarming rate, and many Christians are turning away from God through deception and discouragement. This easy-to-read book talks about the deceptions of the New Age Movement and substantiates every fact with Scripture. It describes first-hand experience regarding a life free from the occult and persevering faith in Jesus Christ. Throughout this book, you will be given specific faith-building tools that are realistic, doable, and will prepare you to endure any trial.
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Autor Shell, Pam
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Fecha edición 2015-10-20
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