Hidden Bible Health Secrets

Hidden Bible Health Secrets
Reginald Cherry, MD, has practiced diagnostic and preventive medicine/alternative medicine in his clinic for over twenty-seven years. Frustrated with the limited number of people he could help, he was led to expand his outreach through ministry with weekly television, books, and other materials. He is the author of numerous books, including The Bible Cure and The Doctor and the Word.
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Achieve optimal health and improve your quality of life by uncovering holistic health secrets from the Bible. Whether you have questions about vitamins or are battling heart disease, diabetes, vision problems, or menopause, Dr. Reginald Cherry removes the guesswork and answers frequently asked questions that point you towards better health.

In Hidden Bible Health Secrets, Dr. Cherry reveals how to use God’s ultimate health secrets wisely and effectively, and experience strength, vigor, and power for life.
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