Holy Vulnerability

Holy Vulnerability
We aren’t okay. But our brokenness is an invitation to a deeper kind of wholeness.
We all carry places of anxiety, shame, and fear. But what if, instead of trying to control or squash what feels broken in us, we invited God to meet us there?

This is holy vulnerability: offering our wounds to our Father so he can love us there.

With pastoral tenderness, Kellye Fabian shines a light on the path into holy vulnerability: six unexpected spiritual practices that open us to God’s healing and transformation. Holy Vulnerability helps us notice where brokenness is leaking into our lives and then leads us into surrender, common prayer, encouragement, laughter, community, and tangible engagement with creation to find how God mends us with his presence.

As we intentionally seek God in our ache-as we step out in holy vulnerability-he will meet us there. And we will be changed.
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Life can seemingly be fine on the surface. But for any of us who scratch that surface, we recognize anxiety, shame, disappointment, and regret. And yet, in the depths of these feelings, in the things we hate about ourselves, others, and this world, we can invite God’s presence.

This is the essence of holy vulnerability. To enter into holy vulnerability is to intentionally expose our raw wounds so that God can heal and mend and transform us.

What happens when we refuse this depth of healing? Something that author Kellye Fabian calls "unholy leakage"-that thing that happens when we are afraid, ashamed, or anxious, and instead of facing the reality of what we’re experiencing, we just spill it on everyone around us. Where is anxiety occupying our hearts and minds? Where is fear hindering our relationships and limiting our faith and joy? Where is shame causing us to question our self-worth? Is there another way? Yes.

Holy Vulnerability unpacks six atypical, unexpected spiritual practices intended to open us to God’s healing and transformation. Through practices like laughter, community, and tangible engagement with creation, Kellye guides us to notice where brokenness is breaking into our lives. And as we intentionally seek God in the midst of these practices-as we step out in holy vulnerability-God will meet us there.
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