Its Not Over

Its Not Over
Ricardo Sanchez is a Grammy nominated, Dove Award-winning international worship leader and a sought-out conference speaker.  Ricardo has written or cowritten songs such as “Power of the Cross,” “Every Prayer,” “I Call Your Name,” “Power of One,” “Great God,” “Moving Forward,” and many others, which are sung in churches across the globe.  Ricardo serves as a consultant and worship coach to churches and worship ministries and hosts Windows 2 Worship seminars in the United States and abroad. Ricardo and his wife, Jennette, and their three sons are based in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more about Ricardo at
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"Josiah has been hurt, call ASAP"
Its every parents nightmare. As worship leader Ricardo Sanchezs flight touched down and he turned on his cell phone, he was bombarded with desperate texts and phone messages from his wife. There had been an accident, and his sons life was hanging in the balance.
How do you find the endurance to keep going when the pain seems overbearing? How do you run to win when you feel the very wind has been knocked out of you? In Its Not Over Ricardo shares how his family found the strength and hope to make it through their darkest hour.
If youve lived life, youve experienced pain. Whether its the day-to-day hustle or a tragic incident, it sometimes seems as if theres a force that wants to take you out of the game. This powerful true story will inspire and encourage you to trust God and allow the work of the Holy Spirit to bring you supernatural peace.
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Código 9781616388348
Páginas 224
Autor Sanchez, Ricardo
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Fecha edición 2012-09-18
Edición Digital
Idioma Inglés
Editorial Charisma House