Listening to God Will Transform You

Listening to God Will Transform You
 Iona Dixon was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica and attended the College of Arts, Science and Technology in Kingston. She held several positions in government and industry, and worked with the United Nations as Secretary, Procurement Assistant, Associate Personnel Officer, and Finance Officer. Iona currently lives in New York with her family.
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When author Iona Dixon released her worry and dedicated herself to listening to the voice of God, she found the strength to overcome her desperate situation. The Lord transformed her life and sustained her during her husband’s devastating illness, teaching her priceless lessons about everything from accepting His timing to entrusting loved ones into His hands. In Listening to God Will Transform You, Iona shares what she learned so you can benefit from the words of divine wisdom that changed her life.

If you make seeking God your top priority, all that concerns you will fall into place. Listening to God Will Transform You will inspire you to grow and exercise your faith, and be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
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Código 9781621360964
Páginas 160
Autor Dixon, Iona
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Fecha edición 2013-01-08
Edición Digital
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