Midnight in Aisle Seven

Midnight in Aisle Seven
Jay Lowder is the founder and head of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries based in Wichita Falls, Texas. A dynamic communicator who speaks truth with passion, he has been featured on at least fifteen major networks, including CNN, ABC, Fox, ABC Family, Daystar, and TBN. Jay and his wife, Melissa, have three children. 
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You never know when God will show up
At some point we all feel abandoned--by a friend, spouse, family member, or even God. We search to discover meaning for our lives. Often religion tries to confine the answers we seek to church buildings and candy-coated sermons, but in lifes darkest moments hope is sometimes illuminated through the most unlikely people at the most unforeseen times. In Midnight in Aisle Seven Jay Lowder presents encouraging, raw, genuine stories of real people, including himself, to demonstrate how anyone, anywhere, can experience an encounter that brings significance to life.
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Código 9781616388676
Páginas 240
Autor Lowder, Jay
Formato ePub con DRM
Fecha edición 2012-09-04
Edición Digital
Idioma Inglés
Editorial Charisma House