Return The Hearts Of The Father

Return The Hearts Of The Father

J. A. Cain is a passionate speaker and writer. She is a training and development consultant to several major universities and post-graduate schools in the United Kingdom. Cain works part-time as an administrator both in her son and daughter’s school and for the government’s regional youth service. She is a longtime member of her local church and hosts a weekly home Bible study.

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Gwin Brooklands leads a very tough life. She grew up without a father. Her mother hates her. Like any young child, Gwin longs for love. She settles for small doses from the tight bond she has with her brother Paul until one day when she meets Josh Lambe. At first she doesnt trust him. He seems too kind. In time, as she grows into her teens, Gwin begins to appreciate him despite the miles which now separate them. When Gwin nearly dies from an unfortunate accident in college, Josh plays a key role in her emotional and physical healing, which begins a spiritual awakening in her. She feels her life is finally complete. However, when Josh dies unexpectedly, Gwin realizes that he might have been her father.
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Código 9781599797892
Páginas 176
Autor Cain, J.A.
Formato ePub con DRM
Fecha edición 2014-04-28
Edición Digital
Idioma Inglés
Editorial Creation House