Satan, You Cant Have My Miracle

Satan, You Cant Have My Miracle
Dr. Iris Delgadois the founder and president of Crowned With Purpose Ministries. With a doctoral degree in theology and counseling, she has traveled the globe ministering with her husband, Dr. John Delgado. She is the author of Satan, You Can’t Have My Children and Satan, You Can’t Have My Marriage.
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Access Gods promises for healing and miracles

We fight in a spiritual war that can only be waged with spiritual weapons. Satan and his demons would like nothing better than for you to believe that miracles dont happen. Or that they only happen to other people.
Satan, You Cant Have My Miracle provides an essential guide for anyone who wants to win this spiritual battle. Filled with practical principles, amazing testimonies, and Scripture-based prayers, this book will inspire you to believe God for the impossible in your life. Learn how to open the door to God in areas including:
? Physical illness
? Destructive soul ties
? Codependency
? Eating disorders and weight issues
? Freedom from poverty, lack, and want
Reach into the supernatural realm of the Spirit and bring the miraculous into your life today.
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Código 9781616388799
Páginas 128
Autor Delgado, Iris
Formato ePub con DRM
Fecha edición 2012-10-02
Edición Digital
Idioma Inglés
Editorial Charisma House