Survival Kit

Survival Kit
Edeltraud VonBruck was born in Austria, in the beautiful region of the setting of the film The Sound of Music. She was raised in a Christian family, and moved to the United States in her teens. The events of World War II, along with various trials in her adult years, accompanied by miracles, have forged in her an ever-deepening faith in God. She has been privileged to share the gospel across the United States and in Europe. Her passion and heart’s cry is to take the God’s good news to those who have never heard, who have forgotten or who are struggling to hold on to their faith in these days before Christ’s glorious return.
Edeltraud VonBruck is a survivor. When faced with a series of hard times and financial difficulties, Edeltraud learned that God can reveal Himself in any situation. Today, she shares her experience to teach others dealing with hardship that they can survive by relying on God and anticipating His assistance through others.

Survival Kit offers advice for coping with tasks such as doing laundry, staying healthy and literally surviving a storm, so you can be prepared should hard times come. This true story will encourage you to persevere and draw closer to God as you wait for the storm to pass.

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Páginas 80
Autor Von Bruck, Edeltraud
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Fecha edición 2012-07-27
Edición Digital
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