Sweeter Than Honey

Sweeter Than Honey
GREG HINNANT is a Bible expositor, teacher and writer. His books include Not By Bread Alone, Spiritual Truths for Overcoming Adversity, Walking in His Ways, Walking on Water, Precious Pearls From the Proverbs, DanielNotes: An Inspirational Commentary on the Book of Daniel, and others. He teaches with Christian Life Educators Network, speaks at churches and conferences, and contributes regularly to Christian periodicals. Greg resides in High Point, North Carolina.
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Need Sweetness? Want to satisfy your heart with Gods sweetly flowing truths applied to your life, whether tasteless, troubled, or triumphant? Heres a biblical honeycomb for you.
Sweeter Than Honey is the second volume of Greg Hinnants devotional trilogy. Its 122 biblical devotionals mirror the sweet balance of Gods counsel. Like His advice, they comfort and challenge us. They confirm truth and warn of danger. They prompt action and check presumption. They edify, yet also humble. Intentionally lengthier than most devotional entries, these offer more spiritual nourishment, yet are still easily read in only minutes. Like the many flavors of honey, they offer a plethora of biblical themes that inform, inspire, and transform.
So taste for yourself! As you thoughtfully savor these devotionals, spooning or pouring them into your soul, youll discover Bible honey is indeed sweeter than bees honey. With the Holy Spirits blessing, it will satisfy and energize you. And however bland, bitter, or embattled your day, youll maintain an unconquerably sweet joy within. Enjoy!

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