Sweeties Manual

Sweeties Manual
David and Trish Richardson had no idea how many extraordinary chapters they would create in their lives together when they married in 1983. Today they are proud parents of three married sons and have seven cherished grandchildren. Being “Sweeties” is for them still a journey like no other.

Jim and Frieda Baird are an illustrator/graphic artist and author, respectively. Jim’s advertisements have appeared in national publications and daily newspapers. Frieda has published two books, Do Yourself a Favor and volume one of the Let Us Remember series. 
  Warning: Reading this may make you laugh. Or cry. Or, if necessary—fall in love all over again!
  • Let every kiss given to your Sweetie have the magic of your very first.
  • Loving your Sweetie should be like breathing...you just can’t stop.
  • Never, ever forget...of all the Sweeties in the world, yours chose you!
Those “Sweeties sayings” hardly scratch the surface of this cute but poignant “manual” of advice for couples in love. Whether you’re getting married or have been married since the dawn of time, Sweeties Manual is designed for you.
And the design is half the charm—and fun. Each Sweetie saying is part of a Sweeties Moment that also includes an amusing color illustration and Notables page for journaling your thoughts (“sweet” or not!).

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Páginas 128
Autor Richardson, David
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Fecha edición 2016-09-06
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