The Bee-atitudes

The Bee-atitudes
Laura Taylor’s favorite childhood pastime was playing school with her sister and friends at the picnic table in her backyard. She was always the teacher. Her love of teaching and learning continued into adulthood. She has obtained advanced degrees and was an elementary school teacher for many years. Teacher read-aloud was a daily activity in her classroom.

Laura lives in Chesterfield, Virginia, with her husband, David. She looks forward to reading The Bee-atitudes: Bee-atrice the Bumblebee Becomes a Humble Bee, her first book, to her first grandchild.
Bee-atrice is a prideful bumblebee who refuses to identify as a worker bee. She never takes her work seriously and tries to show the rest of the hive that she is the grandest of them all. However, as Bee-atrice begins to understand the true meaning of responsibility and teamwork, her heart starts to change.

Discover, alongside Bee-atrice, why humility triumphs over pride. You will enjoy reading about the life cycle of bumblebees and learning how our actions, whether good or bad, can impact those around us.
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Código 9781629985794
Páginas 32
Autor Taylor, Laura
Formato ePub con DRM
Fecha edición 2017-06-20
Edición Digital
Idioma Inglés
Editorial Creation House