The Body God Designed

The Body God Designed

Gregory Jantz, PhD, is a certified eating disorder specialist, a certified chemical dependency counselor, nationally certified psychologist and licensed mental health counselor. Author of more than sixteen books and popular speaker, Dr. Jantz brings his whole-person vision of hope to audiences around the country through speaking, seminars, conferences, radio, and television.

Many people look in the mirror and are dissatisfied with their bodies. They see a seat too big and a chest too small, an enormous nose or beady eyes. Psalm 139 tells us how God feels about our bodies. We get the “fearful” part; it’s the “wonderful” we’re not so sure about.

The Body God Designed presents the idea that God Himself made us and has a body intended just for you. This God-intended body may have been altered by our circumstances or by our behaviors but, with His help, we can restore our bodies to the level of health and vitality He planned for us. Jantz provides specific tips for health, including:
· Healthy models for each body shape
· Differences between healthy and unhealthy fats and where to find each
· Principles readers can use for effective, long-term weight loss
· How to refrain from secret and mindless eating

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