The Minister's Wife

The Minister's Wife
To belong helps me to believe.
We are all messy and miraculous at the same time. Church scrapes us up against each other. It skins our knees. It wounds and then it heals. We are supposed to love each other all the time, and I don’t think it ever stops being hard.

We are people with frayed edges.

But because we are in community with each other, pointed in the direction of God-gathering, worshiping, praying, and eating at all those carb-filled potlucks-we help each other grow.

Warm, witty, and achingly honest, The Minister’s Wife is a memoir in essays on choosing to belong. As Karen Stiller shares her own deep-from-the-heart experiences as a minister’s wife, she welcomes us to join her on a rich, difficult, yet ultimately grace-filled spiritual adventure.
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She never expected to be a minister’s wife. And the life she discovered was more challenging-and more beautiful-than she could have anticipated.
We all wrestle with tough questions about life and faith, and Karen Stiller has learned that answers don’t come any easier when you’re married to the minister. What does it mean to live faithfully in our complicated world? Is there a place here for me-the real me? What does everyone expect of me, and what if I fail? In The Minister’s Wife, Karen shines a light on the rhythms and tough realities of the spiritual life for each and every one of us. She explores how community helps us grow; the unexpected beauty of doubt; the messy pain of families and funerals; how church can hurt and heal; and the beauty of showing up when sometimes it is more appealing to go to a coffee shop on a Sunday morning (even when you’re the pastor’s wife).

Warm, witty, and achingly honest, The Minister’s Wife is a memoir in essays on choosing to belong, and an invitation to join a spiritual adventure.
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Autor Stiller, Karen
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Fecha edición 2020-05-05
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