The New Hope Times

The New Hope Times
Wayne Abel is wildly passionate about finding ways to inspire hope. As a training and development consultant, he serves in various capacities at his local community church. Born and raised in South Africa, Wayne grew up in a family that had service to others as their implicit ethos. He also served in various full-time ministry roles in one of South Africas first fully non-racial faith communities. Wayne now lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with his wife Jacqueline and their two children.
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Today, we are living in a hope-challenged world looking for inspiration. But YOU can become that inspiration every day. The fact that youve picked up this book instead of the one about the world ending means you are living with hope and aspire to give hope to others.

From his blog, Hope Worth Fighting For, Wayne Abel takes you on a journey of hope through the lives and stories of people across the globe. Through fifty-two weeks, one article a week, you will learn how to think and act with hope. At the end of each weeks article there will be questions and inspirational quotes to challenge you, motivate you, and strengthen you.
Join Wayne Abel today in rebuilding, repairing, and restoring the power of hope throughout the world.
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Fecha edición 2013-11-15
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