The Secret Place

The Secret Place

Benjamin D. Torres was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. His parents dedicated him to the Lord at about the age of eight, in accordance with the Catholic Church’s traditions and orders. When he was ten his father moved the family away from the city to a little town in Northern Natal, where he schooled for a further two years. At age thirteen, he was forced to leave home to further his education in Durban, as there was no high school in the little town of Newcastle.

After school, as a young man, he lived in the fast lane for several years, until he had a powerful encounter with the Lord Jesus in 1988. His life radically changed. The Lord divinely steered him to Rhema Bible Church in Johannesburg, which was where his Charismatic Pentecostal journey began.

Over time he successfully completed several ministry, evangelism, and leadership courses and he was appropriately accredited and certified for them.

He currently resides in Pretoria, South Africa.

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The Secret Place was written with the intent of drawing people into a deeper relationship with God and to once again reinforce the truth that God is love—that His will is that every person should pursue an intensely passionate relationship with Him, eternally.

The book aspires to succeed in shattering previously preset horizons which evolved either through personal limitation, unfair discrimination, self-exclusion, or religious doctrines and exclusions that were propagated and practiced universally.

Throughout the book the author conscientiously works to aid the reader in his or her walk with the Almighty Father as he delves into personal experience and revelation as they have been extended to him over the years by the Holy Spirit.

It contains testimonies that will hopefully break every religious bone.

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