The Truth about The Harbinger

The Truth about The Harbinger
Jose Bernal is a teacher of biblical doctrine, hermeneutics, history, and theology, and he hosts a blog called The Pepsters Post: A Voice in Cyberspace on which he writes on faith, history, religion, and current political and sociological trends.
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Answers to the questions that people are asking about The Harbinger
From its initial release, The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn has become a national phenomenon, hailed by readers, pastors, and American leaders alike and described as "amazing," "stunning," and "mind-blowing." The Harbinger reveals an ancient biblical mystery and the danger of judgment America faces as it departs ever further from God.

But with such popularity comes inevitable questions and discussion. In The Truth About "The Harbinger," Jose Bernal investigates the facts behind this New York Times best-selling book to reveal:

? The biblical foundation and truth behind The Harbingers message
? Common misperceptions about what The Harbinger is and is not saying
? How some critics have sought to redefine its narrative
? How the prophetic patterns described are actually coming to pass

With a strong biblical foundation, in-depth analysis of each point and issue, and a look at the books phenomenon and impact, including the lives changed by its message, The Truth About "The Harbinger" will encourage you to pray for America and stand for the truth.
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