. Finding Freedom from What Enslaves You

. Finding Freedom from What Enslaves You
The Exodus is for everyone.
An epic story that begins in tragedy, slavery, and oppression leads ultimately to hope, kindness, and new life. While each of us carries a story of oppression, we were created by God to be free and to change the world. Our journeys begin when we agree with God about who we are.

Danielle Strickland weaves scriptural truth with powerful stories of transformation that will free you from the things that enslave you--and free you for the life God has planned for you. Its time to embark on your own exodus and experience freedom as you have never known before.
God didnt just say to Pharaoh, "Let my people go!" He also said to the Israelites--and He says to us--"Let go of what enslaves you, and follow me to freedom."

The Ultimate Exodus opens our eyes to the things that enslave us, and it sets us on the path of our own exodus. Danielle Strickland revisits the story of the Exodus to see what we can learn from a people who were slaves and who learned from God what it means to be free. We discover as we go that deliverance goes much deeper than our circumstances. God uproots us from the things we have become slaves to, and He takes us on a long walk to the freedom He created us to enjoy.
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