Allen Griffin is the founder of AG Ministries and served with his wife, Hashmareen, as associate pastors of Trinity Church in Miami. He received his BA degree from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. With a dynamic presentation that is both humorous and insightful, he has worked as an evangelist, pastor, missionary, and speaker and is the coauthor of Helping Others Receive the Gift
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Dont let that dark, undefeated sin defeat you. Call it by its name, kill it, and take no prisoners!
The essence of a stagnant lifestyle is walking in undefeated sin. We as believers in Christ are to destroy sin and evict the enemy from our lives and the lives of our brothers and sisters along the way. So many believers call themselves soldiers of the light, and yet they have lived far too long on the battlefield. Putting on the armor of God daily means very little if we will not strike a blow at the heart of hell.
In Undefeated Allen Griffin will reveal to you the ominous obstacle to your divine purpose: undefeated sin. Maybe it isnt your sin that has you all bound up. Maybe your mother or father lived a life that made you more susceptible to certain negative behaviors. Maybe you cant see your sin because on Facebook youre cool, at church youre godly, at work youre diligent, but at home youre impossible and no one is holding you accountable to anything because youve done a masterful job of keeping it all "separate."
It is time to walk in unity and peace with God, be a soldier of light in your world, and become UNDEFEATED.
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