Unexplained Mysteries of Heaven and Earth

Unexplained Mysteries of Heaven and Earth
 Ron Phillips, DMin, in 1979 was called as pastor of Central Baptist Church located in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area, where he serves today. Under his ministry this Southern Baptist church has experienced the birth and growth of many ministries and has exploded into new realms of renewal and spiritual awakening. Phillips has a bachelor’s degree from Samford University and a master of divinity and a doctorate of ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In 1989 he felt in his spirit that the joy in serving had left him, but then he had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that changed his life forever. He is the author of numerous books, including Our Invisible Allies and Everyone’s Guide to Demons and Spiritual Warfare
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Discover the truth behind the worlds greatest mysteries
We live in a beautiful world full of miracles. But so many people think that Christianity is simply a "fairy tale" religion complete with talking snakes and donkeys, magical fruit and paranormal healings, but it is simply not so.

Unexplained Mysteries of Heaven and Earth investigates the physical evidence that speaks to the truth of Scripture, demonstrating that Christianity is a religion founded on fact. So join Ron Phillips as he combines his trademark theological balance with extensive historical research to travel through time to look at:

? The Flood
? Lost Atlantis
? The Great Pyramid
? The Antichrist
? The Rapture
? And other mysteries of God!
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