Unveiling the Truth Behind Curses

Unveiling the Truth Behind Curses
Augustine Degorl is senior pastor and founder of Throne Room Church in Houston, Texas, a Spirit-filled multicultural congregation making a difference through Biblical principles with remarkable miracles. He has proclaimed the gospel for more than thirty years through a ministry of healing and deliverance based on Isaiah 58:12. He and his wife, Pat, have two beautiful children.
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For every curse people experience in life, there is a cause. By God’s grace, you can discover the root cause of any curse that plagues you or holds you captive—and break it.
Writing in a practical, easy-to-read fashion, using many biblical references and personal accounts, Pastor Augustine Degorl unmasks the reality behind spiritual curses. He will show you:
·         Why a curse must have a cause
·         How to identify curses
·         What to do to break curses and reap blessings
·         And much more
Readers of all ages will benefit from Pastor Degorl’s revelations. This book will make an ideal study guide for churches or small groups needing teaching and guidance on the subject. If you believe you are being hindered by a curse but are clueless about how to stop it, Pastor Degorl, through the Holy Spirit’s insight, will provide the answer.
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