Upward, Inward, Outward

Upward, Inward, Outward
This Is What Life Is All About
If you’re reading this, I know something extraordinary about you: You’re alive.

That’s a tremendous gift-and it’s also terrifying. The life you’re living right now, the life I’m living? It’s not a dress rehearsal. This is the real deal. We all want to know what truly matters in life and what is going to give us purpose and joy. If we get only one shot at today, how can we best live it?

Jesus’ answer is deceptively simple: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself. Embedded in this greatest commandment is movement. A beautiful and intentional adventure that leads to a life beyond anything we can imagine.

Are you ready to move upward, inward, and outward into the life you were made for?
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This book is about discovering together how to understand and live the Greatest Commandment. We’re not after the "art of thinking about God a little differently." We’re here to uncover the needs God created within us-needs for meaning, intimacy, honesty, humility, justice, compassion, and more-and how he designed us to find those needs fulfilled in him.

This is the art of living Jesus’ spirituality.

God gives us the key in the Greatest Commandment, but we’ve got to do this stuff in the right order. Imagine I invite you to my sweet cabin by the lake. To start hanging out in that cabin, you need to get the key from me, pack your car, follow the GPS, and so on. There’s a natural order to it. It’s the same with the Greatest Commandment.

We begin upward, with loving God. The God. God of the Old Testament, God of the New Testament. God the Trinity-Father, Son, Holy Spirit. We continue inward, with understanding our true identities in Jesus. And when we get those things right, God’s Spirit sends us outward, on mission into the world.

These three movements-upward, inward, and outward-mirror the Greatest Commandment and help us learn the art of living harmoniously together in a chaotic world.
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