Walking Time Bomb

Walking Time Bomb
John lives with his wife, Janet, a retired teacher, in Tequesta, Florida with their dog, Max. They have three children.
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Life seemed promising for John Nossal, a young architect with degrees from Columbia and Carnegie-Mellon. Moving from Pittsburgh to Palm Beach in 1972 with his wife to work as an architect on the prestigious Worth Avenue, life was good. Yet in the spring of 1979, everything changed. John was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

By God's grace, he survived to tell the tale only to be laid off a few years later. Within a year he opened his own architectural practice. Then in 1986, John received a phone call from Buz DiVosta, the
largest developer in the area and soon became his Chief Architect. However, he was laid off again in 1991.

Even after several major surgeries, twice with cancer and back surgery, along with five potentially lethal accidents, John’s life was spared. Read about the incredible, providential ways in which God demonstrated His love and mercy by preserving John through each of these harrowing trials. This is the story of John Nossal, the Walking Time-Bomb.

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