What About Me?

What About Me?
Dr. Dee Greathouse  is President and CEO of What About Me Ministries, What About Me Music, The Sankofa Media Group, and Dr. Dee Greathouse Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia. As a minister, entrepreneur and life coach, her goal is to create a compelling desire in people to walk in the fullness of life that Jesus offers.
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As believers, we spend a great deal of time praying for ourselves and our circumstances. We ask: “Lord, what about me? I have all these needs. What about me?” Author Dee Greathouse says God wants to ask us the same question: “Child, what about Me? I am the answer you need. The Me I have placed inside you allows you by faith to take advantage of the unique life I have given you.”
You will learn from this personal testimony by Dr. Greathouse that miracles happen every day—if you trust in the sovereign will of God and believe His Word. Whether your need is healing, financial, or miracle power, she will show you that in God’s will, design, and plan for your life, all your needs will be met when you turn them over to the Lord.
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Páginas 160
Autor Greathouse, Delphine (Dee)
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Fecha edición 2015-01-20
Edición Digital
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