What If . . . God Has Other Plans?

What If . . . God Has Other Plans?
What do you do when life throws you the unexpected?
At some point in all our lives, we will be given a script we never would have chosen. Where do you turn? How do you cope?

Chuck Swindoll, popular Bible teacher, provides hope for those dark moments when life veers off course. Whether you have been hit hard recently or you are watching a friend, loved one, or relative suffer through setbacks, this book is for you. It helps you to see how God can be working through those times when life doesn’t follow your carefully laid plans.

The future has never seemed so uncertain as in recent days. Chuck teaches biblical wisdom that can address how to respond to some of the most unforeseen circumstances.
  • What if you suddenly lose everything?
  • What if a longtime friend deceives you?
  • What if you need a second chance?
Find hope when life throws you the unexpected.

From the flap:
Significant questions have always intrigued me. Questions make us search longer, think harder, and probe deeper. They escort us through mental doors that have been closed for too long, urging us to deal with life issues that are often troublesome to us but are rarely addressed.

So I decided to ask some specific questions about life. Each question began with the same two words: What if . . . ? The questions covered a wide range of situations: from struggling with a disability to responding to God’s calling in our lives to do something great. These are the significant questions that most schools never address . . . but the Bible does.

When I turned to Scripture, I found, not surprisingly, that it holds reliable, understandable, and doable answers for each question. My search led to the book you now hold in your hand. May it remind you to ask significant questions and seek reliable, biblical answers.

-Chuck Swindoll
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What if your life hasn’t turned out the way you dreamed it would?
Popular Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll invites you on a journey through Scripture, exploring the hope the Bible offers to those who are dealing with life’s unexpected detours. Life can be humming along as usual, and then in a matter of seconds, everything falls apart. Maybe you have experienced sudden loss. Perhaps there is a heart-breaking betrayal. Maybe you are taking care of a family member with a disability and you never imagined in a million years that you would be doing such a thing. Life rarely follows our rules for it. There are U-turns and S-curves none of us are prepared to endure. This book is Chuck Swindoll at his best, opening Scripture and finding hope and wisdom for those who are struggling with the unexpected situations life has thrown at them.

What if . . . God has other plans for your life?

What if . . . you are designed for something more?
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