Why I Believe in Jesus

Why I Believe in Jesus
Shelly Winkle is a Christian who loves Jesus. She is a nurse by profession, and also a wife and mother. She was saved from certain death because she stood on the Word of God in faith and called on the name of Jesus to help her. Today she lives to tell others that Jesus came to save, heal and supernaturally protect them.

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Miracles, Signs and Wonders

It is no wonder that Shelly Winkle believes in Jesus. Her life is a testimony to the fact that God exists and still performs miracles today. The devil attempted to destroy her life time after time, but God heard her cries for help and intervened in every situation.
Evil spirits are real, and you may be unintentionally inviting them into your life. In Why I Believe in Jesus, Shelly emphasizes the importance of studying the Word of God, knowing your enemy, and understanding your God-given right as a believer to call upon the name of Jesus.
Shelly Winkle’s incredible testimony of miraculous healing and restoration will increase your faith and inspire you to find evidence of God in your own life, so you too can say, “Look what the Lord has done!”

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