Why Is God So Mad at Me?

Why Is God So Mad at Me?
Pat Schatzline is the founder of Mercy Seat Ministries, Inc. One of Americas leading communicators and an evangelist to all ages, he and his wife, Karen, have ministered internationally to more than two million people. Known for his crazy humor and unique ability to communicate Gods word with passion, Pats mission is to introduce a generation to the awesome love of the Father.
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God Is Not Mad at You
God loves you. You may have heard it a thousand times, and it is a common theme in Christianity. But do you believe it? Many of the messages we hear every day (from both society and the church) tell you the exact opposite.

As a result, millions of people from all backgrounds have bought into the idea that God is not only angry but also that Hes angry with them. This belief is damaging countless lives. In Why Is God So Mad at Me? Pat Schatzline sets the record straight, introducing you to a God who accepts us, transforms us, renews us, and gives us a future filled with abundant blessing and opportunity.
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