Total Forgiveness Experience

Total Forgiveness Experience

R.T. Kendall, was the pastor of Westminster Chapel in London, England, for twenty-five years. Born in Ashland, Kentucky, he was educated at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Oxford University. He is well known internationally as a speaker and teacher. Dr. Kendall is the author of more than forty books, including The Word and the Spirit, The Sensitivity of the Spirit, The Anointing: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow; and Total Forgiveness. His writings have impacted and changed thousands of lives worldwide.

Forgive yourself and others! Its the most obvious and fundamental teaching of the New Testament, and yet its perhaps the hardest issue you will struggle with. After reading the best-selling Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall, you will want to go deeper with his life-changing message. Ideal for personal Bible studies or discussion groups, this is a practical manual on how to forgive others and yourself.

This 13-week study will show you how to:
oLearn ways to let go of grudges oAvoid traps such as denial and pretending not to hurt oKnow you have released others oHelp others feel a new sense of freedom oApply forgiving and forgetting to your life oChoose to keep no records of wrong oLove your enemies and bless themThis book features brief excerpts from Total Forgiveness, probing questions, various exercises, and prayer tips. The detailed lessons offer a powerful and necessary teaching tool for lay Christians and Bible study teachers. Isnt it time to let go of the past and step into the full peace of God?

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